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more dreams   
11:32am 13/10/2013
  First was set in a school, prob ban, but it was filled with all my college friends.
Um basically Natzis had taken of the school (and the world?) and were trying to convert us and killing any of us that resisted/disobeyed. The class room we were in at points just looked like a very large room, like the art room in banneker and sometimes it had the look of the large many-tiered rooms of a college lecture hall.

I remember everyone trying to fit in by unhappily repeating their mantras and shit. I also remember being specifically concerned about the well being of one boy who I think was my boyfriend. At some point that boy was taken away and I was fucking pissed. My friends Mariana and Nick pulled me over to them and tried to hide me from the Nazis so they wouldn't see that was pissed (because I would rebel or have an emotional outburst or they would see I was a gay and take me away). A Nazi came over to interrogate me and they made some excuse for me.

Later I was running for that damned 69 bus outside of school and missed it.

The last dream was.... oh there were two. 1 I was looking at some old movie and people were talking about whether it was better than another. It's hard to describe but I kept looking down the block and seeing a particular apartment turn into a place to view the old movie and was trying to get there to view it. But never did

Last dream was just scenes from an Avatar battle that I made up in my head. Avatar Aang (not Korra) was fighting some douche bags and Katara was also there kicking ass. Can't remember many details but I know it was awesome

Last lastly
the other day I had a dream that was just a made up stage of Plats vs Zombies. like it wasn't a dream about me having the game, the whole dream WAS the game with the Real Me making decisions about where to put what to fight the zombies.

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Another Terrible Dream   
10:26am 07/10/2013
  Uh dream started with my hanging out with high school people, I really only remember Latasha being there and then some girls I would never choose to hang out with again (Patrice is the only one I remember) and then a male friend I brought. We were hanging out somewhere...I think first we were hanging out some Brooklyn Bridge looking thing and talking. Marta walks by and we all say hello but I just wave and that offends Marta, that I didn't give her a more friendly welcome and continues to walk down to the lower level of the area. I feel I should go after her but I don't.

We are next in a restaurant and basically everyone was just annoying me. Not on purpose but I just didn't wanna be there. I left with the intention to find Marta and make up for what happened. I go down the block and see someone that looks like her - she is wearing the same purple top Marta was wearing earlier- and get closer. I get close enough to see it's not her and I also see that I am randomly in the middle of Latino Gay Pride parade! Hahahaha

I follow some queens wearing pride colors and flowy things and everything is fun. Then I see people start running and I hear the screaming. Like a real black person I run before I see the thing that's scaring them, and I run into a random...well room that is just there in the middle of the road. When I get to the door I can here (or maybe the dream camera changed to show me) a man shooting people and muttering crazy shit about either his ex or maybe just gay ppl. I open the door but as I do an older woman tries to get in with me but she's moving sooooo slow. She finally get's in but she keeps trying to open the door to look or is talking too loud. I look through the mail slot and the guy is coming towards us! So SCARY. I pick up a wrench, like the kinf in cartoons that's bright red, and wait for him to open the door. As soon as he does I start bashing him on the head and the knee.

I wake up right after he falls to ground because my brother woke me up to say bye as he left for the airport

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Scary Dream   
07:57am 03/10/2013
  Had a terrifying dream last night in which Matt had gone missing and no one would tell me why. I began searching for him around the city and talking to friends but no one could find him. I somehow learned that the reason he left was because Rachel, his current gf, had died and he couldn't deal with it. I was next on the subway after learning this and I was just sitting there feeling like shit. I had my eyes closed and was crying quietly on the train.

I look up at one point and I see Matt just next to me and I start weeping like a child and I slowly start to grab for him with both hands. He turned toward me and I could see his eyes and face were red and swollen from crying and he just looked like all around shit. I grabbed on to him and just cried into his shirt or arm like an anime girl and I think eventually he either patted me on the head or gave me a little smile.
It was scary and real


had another dream set in school (Banneker) where there was a DDR machine in one of the staircases and I kept trying to get ppl to come play with me

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New Dreams   
01:05pm 04/07/2013
  This morning I had a dream where I watched my friend John (who is a veteran of the Marines and probably has PTSD) get picked up from the military by his parents. He changed so much (he was really skinny and got huuuge) and his mom was like "wooow you're so different." i don't think much else happened.

Another dream, Michael- the current host of the Kelly and Michael show - was talking about being comfortable but respectable with yourself and he went on to take off his clothes and walk around the set in his boxers and then I probably willed it because his boxer hole ripped and his dick, his large beautiful dick, was showing and swinging on camera. pretty random

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Holy shit   
08:08am 27/11/2012
  I had my first Dream about Gaita in MONTHS this morning! He and I were working somewhere, some ship thing or i we were like working in something gov't related and our manager was this old fussy woman. Whatever, at the end of the shift I asked him to give me a ride home since we both live in brooklyn. He said Nope, but as I was walking away told me to get into the car, laughing.

During the drive we talked and joked and he used his digi-nav system to find my house. The details aren't all ther but basically it was clear to him the whole time that i wanted to fuck him. I think i put my hand on his lap or hand on the stick shift at one point.

We get back to my flat and I offer to let him sleep over. He does. I think i offer my bed for him to use but he's like, nah brah. But i keep insisting. I think he falls alseep in bed with me because when i wake up im walking through the house calling out his name. I find him or just a pile of clothes in the next room on the couch.

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I think i might have Stockholme Syndrome   
01:29pm 19/09/2012
  I just had a dream that painted my boss in a way more positive light that he deserves. Basically I should kinda hate this guy or at least find him to be a dick but I had a dream where 2 co-workers, myself and a corworker I made up, went into work and he gave us some tests to do. Half way through it I went in to ask him to clarify what we're supposed to do but I had conflicting ideas on that with one girl. As I spoke he was clearing out his office, like packing the entire thing into a large garbage bag, everything on the wall and desks. He told me the point of the test was to confuse us and make us talk to each other to figure it out so we could work through whatever problem had been making us all crabby lately.  

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09:49am 29/06/2012
Went back to intercrusises and Debbie, the girl who suggested I take some time away from that place was there. She was wearing this super cute skirt and white shirt and no sweater like she usually wears. She asked OMG where have I been and all this, and then said she was glad I was there because she needed my help. Sure enough this old creep from the job, Donald, walked up and was about to start talking to her and so I began having a really exaggerated conversation with her and asking her to turn around so I could loook at her cute outfit, but he still came up to us and put his hand on her back and sholder and said she looked cute and walked away. But Debbie grabbed his hand and roughly pulled him back
"listen, I don't like you and I don't want you to ever touch me again. We're just coworkers, not friends" she said in an ice cold, but calm voice.

I dont remember his response cuz

Boris and I were driving to this mall, I wanted to go to Gamestop and he wanted to go somewhere else. We drive pass some tour busses and get to the mall. We pretend argue about where to go and then i see a poster for Boris's next movie startring him, Mark Ruffalo and Jean Claude Van Dam in an 80s martial arts, best friends must fight each other in a tournament kind of movie. then we talk and there are flashbacks to the older movies because this is the third in the series.
Later we get to the level with gamestop but we go to the food court and in there Slaven and some other friends are there and we all sit and talk and people start to, jokingly, make fun of me for some reason and then some girl shows up and i ignore her and then everything turns into Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer and someones tries to snipe at us/me. Someone on the team is a krogan but i forget who.

I also had a scary monster in a creepy cabin dream, but forget it now

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fucked up dream   
10:13am 26/05/2012
  mad max/water world esque distopia. People use personal boats to get around and to go into competitions where they compete and the winner gets pieces of tech from an ancient, advanced and lost civ. protag and 2 wards are racing and sailing, when they catch a glimpse of teh antag and they start to pursue...or the other way around. whatever. they end up miles and miles further than anyone dared go before and the bad guy oushes them further. then the younf wards become Sasuke and Sasuke's brother from naruto and the badguy becomes that stupid Kabuto. He somehow get Sasuke under water and starts toturing him, SB uses the black fire jutsu to free sasuke and then they start sailing really fast agian. they come upon some rocks and shit and instead of stopping they go even faster and LAUNCH over the rocks and while in mid air they fire their laser into the sea either to make an easier landing or destroy any enemies in it.

when they land they see an armada of very weird looking long boats, in a circle formation around a little floating table. A man dressed like he goes sailing for fun is there and it turns out he's the most famous boating guy in the world who everyone though died/dissapeared forever ago. He had found the most important ancient artifact, the one for immortality, and had left society. He allowed for the two groups to fight each other in Mortal Kombat (he didn't use that phrase

-whoops, ofrgot to come back and finish this drem and have since forgotten it

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School dreams   
09:04pm 27/04/2012
  I had 2 dreams involving [lost] friendship last night. I don't know what summoned them. I went drinking with with Josh last night and we had Boy Talk so maybe that did it.

The first was very 3 oclock, after school cartoony. It starred me and these kids who went to elementary school with me, Aaron, Jarret Clarence and maybe Andrew. Ummm basically we were hanging out in the school yard and talking about whether or not we'll be friends after school was done. I can't remember much else, just the feeling of tv special, super emotional overtones and camera angles.

Next I was...sleeping in a dorm room that was also in the cruise terminal where i do my shitty ship job. The short Italian american manager, Chrissy, the guy I still want to fuck despite him being a gossipy closet case, and the greek girl Maria were walking through the area talking about the ship we work on, the Veendam, and I was pretending to be alseep so they would leave. Like they walked in and through my room. Later I was working at the debark area I forget most of it but basically I saw Andy from SBU there and I got really excited and so I started rolling around and doing tricks on the floor and at one point I rolled around on my side, like Homer did on the Simpons in Mr Burn's office like 20 years ago, looking like i was running but i was on the floor on my side going in a circle. When that I was done the crowd of ppl debarking from the ship started to cheer for me and Andy 0 who had dumped us as friends irl and in th dream had stopped across the room from me when he saw me, couldn't help but smile and admit i won him back. too bad it was a dream.

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Have i betrayed LJ?   
07:39am 12/04/2012
  1 had a dream a few weeks back where William (italian and puerto rican will from theater, not italian will from english) showed me his private tumblr and was all headshots and a few of him posing in his football gear- like sexed up posts with just the tight pants or just the pads.

(god how i wish he still has his uniform and would wear it while fucking me)

2 had a dream this morning where ben mckenzie was being his character, ben, and on Tumblr and communicating with a young gay rookie who needed help being gay and a cop. the scene would have ben basically in my room looking on tumblr and the kid in his room, wherever, checking the posts with his young friends hanging around their place, sitting on the floor.

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02:38am 04/04/2012
  Apparently if you spam your own facebook page with statuses about being lonely and about how you secretly creep on one of your friends, that friend will eventually find out its about them and want to date you.
I gotta try that shit out.

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Old dream I posted to facebook but not here   
04:34pm 03/04/2012
  just had a dream where Jason Frank David (Green Ranger) Johnny Yong Bosch (Black Ranger) and Katie Segal (Who for some reason was the pink ranger) were WWF/WWE fighters (not in their ranger garb tho) and their match was actually an elaborate lesson to teach me about violence against women, and when they asked me what I learned that day I replied "Can I just be friends with Johnny?" Johnny said 'Hell yeah!' and we had an awesome high five  

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02:04pm 30/03/2012
  Dreamt I went 'back' to a job 300 bowling alley in Chelsea Piers but..yea whatever. To go from the public 3rd fl to the 1st fl I mainly worked I had to go down a huge slide and to go back up i had to walk and climb through a very tight fitting area, looks like the wall-climbing portion of an obstacle course. I also had to squeeze by singing performers from this show on nick jr my niece would watch all the time.

Well down in the 1st floor there I was getting ready and this other guy walked in who either was returning there too, cuz he couldn't find any work, or else he just needed a bullshit job while he was moonlighting. In any case, he pulled out a a gun and didn't really point it anywhere, but I knew he meant to shoot himself, and I started crying (like a girl in EVERY anime) and was like "Noooo! Don't do it. this place isn't worth your life." I pushed his hand with the gun back into his pocket and then put my first two fingers in his hand and he held them for a bit. We didn't say anything else. Then we had to go to work and i had to squeeze past again.

I was sitting on a wall with some kids who seemed to have been left by their parents. I slide down the slide to look for the guy after work, but it seemd he left.

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02:08am 27/03/2012
  The more I look into careers that are fulltime, the more I wish I hadn't wasted 5 years getting an English degree. Even other useless degrees, human resources, Speech Therapy, Anthro-fucking-pology, all these and more are more qualified for the shittiest and least respectful careers available to Bachelor degree holders. Above soul crushing cubicle work, I'm not fit for shit besides going back to school for something else.

I wish someone in my damn family had gone to college before to exaplain this to me. I get angry at my family alot about this, even knowing that I still will the next time I meet someone and they ask me where I work and when I say [whatever temp or P/T thing I'm doing] they say "oh why? Did you go to college? Why don't you become a teacher?" I'll get angry right after I suppress the urge to punch that person in the mouth

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07:32am 02/03/2012
  I'm really glad facebook doesn't notify you when someone right-click/saves your photos, cuz I've def been fb-stalking some mother fuckers and saving their embarrassing, sexy, shirtless, photos. kind've in prep of closing my facebook one day and kinda cuz im a total PERV, LLOLOLZ  

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05:24am 10/02/2012
  going on a roadtrip to Philly again this weekend. Was supposed to be a boy's night out but Greg is bringing his girlfriend. I don't not like her but I kinda ...really don't want her there. Eh, my attitude will prob change later. Hopefully.  

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07:00am 09/02/2012
  2 dreams set in SBU

there was on where my mom and a bunch of other parents were there like some sort of PTA bake sale. Will and or Jonah was there. I was in some girl's suite waiting for him/them then he showed up he was definitely Will and he was all upset because someone had broken into his house , which was in the yard of the dorm, and stolen his gun. He says the previous owner killed someone in the house and he was afraid the guy came back.

then I ran into Hal, my ex psychtic roommate and actually we just talked. It was like i saw him irl and i didn't hate him with all my heart. We chatted about how he was crazy and what he was up to and about how he liked to fuck but had no emotions.

Then I had a dream about this movie that might be real, or it was based off an amalgam of plots from movies.Basically the whole thing was a flashback, showing how 3 enemies used to be friends. First they were in schol together and friends and then one of them, who was played by Shane from the Shield in my dream, thought the other was making fun of him about something so he like cut the flesh between the guy's thumb and palm. It sounds more fucked up than it looked. Then the dream flashed forward and Shane was explaining why he did it and he says "because you started to hate [so i had to get revenge]" and the other guy was like "hate you....I loved you, [Shane]" then there are flashes of them together and the other guy looking all love-lost at Shane when they were kids until the incident happened. There was a 3rd guy all along but he didn't do much, he was just with Shane and agreed with everything Shane did/said

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06:27am 08/02/2012
  So I decided to stay off of facebook for a while and all I want to do is sign on to post a status about how I'm no longer going to be facebook. God. So hard to fight but I like not being there.


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Winner winner chicken dinner   
06:01pm 01/02/2012
  I just finished cleaning two bags of chicken; my second attempt at cleaning fresh meat ever, and nearly retched 3 times from the smell when ripping the flesh from the rib cages and pulling the veins up through the skins.


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07:08am 28/01/2012
  Didn't expect to get called in for work; guess who didn't go to sleep this morning?  

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